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Are you - or is someone you know - struggling with a recent CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) diagnosis and wondering how you can become empowered to manage your health moving forward? Or, do you care for someone who has CLL and are seeking community support as well as more CLL resources? Sign up for CLL 101 and you’ll learn more about CLL from an empowered patient perspective.

Together, with the Patient Empowerment Network, we asked people living with CLL:

  • What do you wish you would have known when you first were diagnosed?
  • What do you want newly diagnosed people to know about living with CLL?
  • What kind of mindset do CLL patients need to have?
  • What resources are essential for CLL patients and their families?

You'll find answers to these questions (and more!) by enrolling in CLL 101.

CLL 101 is an online course offered through created in partnership with the Patient Empowerment Network and By taking this course, you will receive:

  • An overview of CLL
  • Facts about CLL
  • Curated links and resources
  • Videos
  • Knowledge Quizzes
  • Printable checklists with questions to ask your doctor
  • Why you should immediately get a second, expert opinion
  • Tips on building your healthcare team, and how your local doctor can work with a CLL expert to provide the best treatment
  • Where to find the latest CLL research, clinical trials and other treatment options.

Plus, we’ve opened up the comments so you can ask questions from other CLL 101 students who are taking the course.

This site provides general information. Please talk to your own doctor to make healthcare decisions that are right for you.

Amazing Instructor & Executive Director, Patient Empowerment Network

Joan Justice

Joan Justice is Executive Director at the Patient Empowerment Network. Joan has a background in healthcare and business. She received her nursing degree from L’Ecole d’Infirmiers in Nice, France and her MBA from SUNY Buffalo. Joan has held upper level managerial positions in domestic and international marketing for several large medical device manufacturers. Most recently, she managed HealthWorks Collective, the healthcare website in the Social Media Today network.Joan lives in Charlottesville, Virgina where she regularly volunteers at the Charlottesville Free Clinic and for Service Dogs of Virginia. She enjoys the outdoors and is an avid runner and horseback rider.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Class 1: Introduction to CLL

    • Welcome to CLL 101

    • Introduce yourself

    • Meet Carol— CLL Survivor & Patient Advocate

    • Patient Perspective: Carol says...

    • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Treatment–Patient Version (PDQ®)

    • Video: CLL Defined

    • Patient Perspective: Carol says...

    • Video: Understanding CLL

    • NCI: Dictionary of Cancer Terms

    • CLL Guide from the American Cancer Society

    • Discuss: What did you find most interesting or useful about Class 1?

  • 2

    Class 2: Building your Healthcare Team

    • Video: Welcome to Week Two

    • Video: A CLL Expert’s Advice for Patients

    • The importance of Second Opinions

    • Video: Second Opinions

    • Patient Perspective: Carol says...

    • Questions to Ask your Doctor about CLL

    • How is Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Treated?

    • Advice for Patients Considering Clinical Trials

    • Discuss: Building Your Healthcare Team

  • 3

    Class 3: Becoming a CLL expert

    • Video: Welcome to Week Three

    • Video: Understanding Your CLL Blood Tests

    • PDF: Normal Lab Values from CLL Society

    • Video: What is Smoldering CLL?

    • What is watch and wait?

    • Video: Why Watch and Wait?

    • Meet Jeff— CLL Survivor & Patient Advocate Host

    • Patient Perspective: Jeff says...

    • Patient Perspective: Carol Says...

    • Discuss: Using time

    • Quick Survey: How's CLL 101 going for you so far?

  • 4

    Class 4: Living Well with CLL

    • Video: Welcome to Week Four

    • Video: Keep Moving Forward After a CLL Diagnosis

    • On Living Well: Carol Says...

    • Video: Finding Help for Anxiety and Depression

    • Video: Advice for Coping With Anger and Stress

    • Video: Patient Cafe— Dealing with Watch and Wait

    • Video: The Benefits of a Healthy Diet When Fighting Cancer

    • Nutrition Resources

    • Lifestyle Choices that Make a Difference from the American Cancer Society

    • Blog Post: Shelter from the Storm

  • 5

    Class 5: CLL Research & Resources

    • Video: Welcome to Week Five

    • Video: An Expert’s Review of CLL ASH 2015 News

    • Video: New Treatment Options for CLL

    • Investigational CLL Therapy to Get Priority Review by FDA

    • On Resources & Support: Carol says...

    • Video: Breaking News on Idelalisib Trials

    • Link: CLL Support Association on HealthUnlocked

    • What did you learn from CLL 101?


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Like how you mixed videos and written information.

Like how you mixed videos and written information.

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