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Welcome to Caregiver 101, an online course for carers and carees, created by in partnership with

Caring for another person, especially one who depends upon you for their health needs, requires a lot of energy, time, and focus. So how do you manage this important task while also taking care of your own needs? Too often, people who care for others (carer) set their own basic needs aside (health, nutrition, exercise) in order to take care of their loved one (caree). When this happens, you may feel burnt out, tired, alone, and even depressed. This is why we created Caregiver 101. This course will help empower you to take care of your own needs so that you have the energy to care for others. If you're the caree, taking this course will help you understand caregiving from your carer's perspective and help you support them as they support you.

Caregiver 101 is an online course offered through created in partnership with and By taking this course, you will learn:

  • How the carer/caree relationship can be a healthy relationship
  • How to find balance
  • How to find more time for your self
  • How to ask for support
  • Tips, tools, and tactics to be a better carer/caree
  • Curated links and resources
  • Videos
  • Knowledge Quizzes
  • Support from a community of Caregivers at

Amazing Instructor, Founder

Denise Brown

Course curriculum

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  • 2

    Class 1: Adjusting to a Family Member's Diagnosis

    • 10 Ways to Manage a Family Member's Diagnosis

    • Quiz

    • After the Diagnosis, a printable eBook PDF

    • Support for You

    • Guided Breathing Exercise

  • 3

    Class 2: Navigating the Health Care System for Family Caregivers

    • Navigating the Health Care System

    • Quiz

    • Resources

  • 4

    Class 3: Working Well with Healthcare Professionals

    • Working Well with Healthcare Professionals

    • Quiz

    • Resources

  • 5

    Class 4: Embracing the Emotions

    • Embracing the Emotions

    • Quiz

    • Resources

  • 6

    Class 5: Requesting and Receiving the Right Help

    • Requesting and Receiving the Right Help

    • Resources

    • Quiz

  • 7

    Class 6: Making Time for Your Needs

    • Making Time for Your Needs

    • Quote: You cannot...

    • Quiz